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Today Sic Bo is enjoyed all over the world, including the premier American online casinos reviewed here, but it began in Ancient China hundreds of years ago. Once you have tried this game of die, you will understand why its popularity has grown and spread so much. Its simple rules and complex outcomes may make it easy to learn, but they also make it impossible to stop playing! The best way to learn about this game and its fascinating details is to play it at some of the sites we recommend here but before you do, take some time to get familiar with the game basics using our convenient guide.

By using three dice rather than the more usual two that are found in casino games, Sic Bo poses greater risks, but it also offers much greater rewards. The dice are rolled using a vibrating platform known as a Dice Shaker, which is beautifully simulated using Random Number Generation in online casinos in America. Bets are placed on the resulting dice combinations before they are rolled. All in all there are fifty possible configurations which can get quite confusing! Luckily the game table is designed to show you all of the outcomes, and will really help you to keep track.

The primary excitement and enjoyment in a Sic Bo gaming mobile casinos game comes from the intoxicating element of chance, and waiting to see if the dice will land favourably. This is totally random, so most strategic planning comes in the way you choose to bet. You are allowed to choose from several different types of wagers, depending on how much risk you feel like taking. We have outline the options for you here.

  • Three of a kind: the same pre-specified number appears on each die. Winning odds are an unlikely 1 out of 216 so the house edge is huge, but so is the payout – 150 to 1
  • Any three of a kind: any one number id rolled on all three dice. This is six times more likely than Three of a kind, but still extremely rare
  • Two of a kind: the same number appears on two dice, yielding an 8:1 payout and a 5.82% chance of winning
  • Duo: two different pre-specified numbers occur on two of the dice
  • One of a kind: a pre-specified number is rolled one die
  • Big and Small: the name of the game actually means Small Big, probably after the payout table areas that are called Big and Small and pay even money. With these bets players wager that the dice total will be a certain number. In the Small area this sum is between four and ten while in the Big area it is between eleven and seventeen. Three of a kind is always excluded, as are the six and nine and twelve and fifteen Hardways in the Small and Big areas respectively
  • You can also bet that the dice total will fall between four and seventeen. Payouts for this are shown on the game’s table
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Sic Bo Gaming Online adventure

The exciting betting choices and thrilling elements of chance make this the perfect gambling entertainment for thinking adrenalin lovers. If you feel ready to join the many Sic Bo enthusiasts in the online casinos in America, check out our reviews and let the fun begin!