Baccarat Games Online in the USA

Baccarat gaming online is believed to go all the way back to fifteenth-century Italy and France, and to then have spread around the rest of the globe. Its many nuances and textures have made it a popular favorite in land casinos for many years, and it has been just as successful in the online casinos in America. We have reviewed all the best sites for you to enjoy this great entertainment, but first read our basic guidelines to help you get the most from your playing time.

This is by far the most common online version of the game, and getting familiar with it is a great place to begin your playing adventure.

In Punto Banco, two hands with two cards are dealt. One is called the Punto, or Player, and the other hand goes to the dealer called the Banco, or Banker. The Ace cards have a value of one, the tem and face cards a value of zero and the other number cards carry their face value. Once the cards have been dealt their values are tallied and the ten units are ignored. For example, a hand consisting of a seven and a ten card is worth one and not eleven. This means that the range of hands is zero to nine.

Before the hands are dealt you will need to bet on one of three possible outcomes; that the Player hand wins, that the Banker’s hand wins or that there is a tie. If either hands has a total of eight or nine it is called a Natural and wins the round. If the Player hand is six or seven it will stand and if less than this a third card will be dealt. Whether a Dealer hand gets a third card is more complicated and depends on the total of the Dealer hand, whether the Player hand was dealt a third card and what the third Player card was. These rules are quite intricate and complicated but you need never worry about remembering them as they are always the Dealer’s responsibility. Most of the online American real money casinos that we review here actually deal third cards automatically when they are appropriate, so all you need to focus on is enjoying your game.

If you bet on a hand and win the payout is a straightforward 1:1, with a commission deduction of five per cent if the winning hand is the Banker’s. If you bet on a tie and win you will enjoy a jaw-dropping 8:1 reward!

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Baccarat online strategy

The cards that are dealt in Baccarat are random and cannot be controlled, so there is no real game plan to be formulated around these. Instead strategy is centred on shrewd betting, which can be controlled. We point out some basics here.

Your bets should always be based on calculated odds, which are explained in detail on the fantastic online America casinos gaming online reviewed here. It is also best to avoid betting on a tie as its huge potential payout is countered with a huge House edge of 14.1%. You should avoid betting against a string of wins as well, and should wait until the run ends or start betting with it after three consecutive wins.

Baccarat gaming online elite that is open to all

Baccarat was first enjoyed by society’s elite, and is still considered the most sophisticated card game. The discerning patrons of today’s online American casinos are now able to enjoy this top-quality entertainment, and are relishing every second!